1. Going for a holiday, but not able to carry your excess baggage?
  2. Had to attend your best friend's wedding abroad, but missed out few things while packing your baggage and no time to book that missed items in the airlines?
  3. Got admission in a renowned college abroad for students, but the airlines are charging very high for your books, electronic items etc..?
  4. Fixed an urgent business meeting with your client and want to send the required documents or sample material for your client reference before you reach at client’s place?
  5. Moving to another city and want to book your personnel effect items/goods at an affordable cost?
  6. Have an outsized equipment and airlines charging higher rates?
  7. Need a simpler, faster courier service and on time delivery of your baggage with utmost stress-free experience?

DropMyBag is the right place to provide you our exclusive courier services making sure your luggage/parcel reaches on time and safely at your desired destination.

We work on a single motto --- CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.

If you wish to travel far and fast, travel light, because Drop my bag is always available as your personal assistant to take care of your luggage where ever you go. Luggage regulations for air travel vary between countries and to make matters worse, they often change with short notice in line with changes in air travel security and tend to be stricter with all the custom rules, how to pack, prohibited items etc..

We claim to provide you with best reasonable rates and discounted rates exclusively for our regular customers. No more standing in long queues for hours at airport check in desks, simplify your trip with sending your extra baggage via our service. You can also avoid the risk of your luggage getting lost.

Drop my bag has brought an exclusive and awesome discount for students and teachers.

Your baggage will be continuously tracked though both international as well as local couriers and will be delivered prior to the estimated delivery time. Drop my bag will assist you with your queries throughout the shipping process till your luggage reaches at your door.

Dropmybag is an online delivery network designed and started by a group of young entrepreneurs to provide individual customers, students, teachers, corporate clients and companies with shipments a cost effective, reliable and Stress-free service.

For individual customers or students, there’s nothing worse than turning up at the airport with a hand luggage bag along with an extra baggage and being billed an unexpected fee for no reason. This even cost more than the flight charges itself. The airline cargo and excess weights are charged heavily, and some oversized equipment is not even allowed to be taken along with you.

Dropmybag team works in a unique way together-On time, On task, On the move… We offer excellent affordable rates & service for travellers, adventurers, students etc. the ability to send their extra baggage, oversized equipment like golf clubs, bicycles, snowboards or books, personnel effect goods to any destination worldwide without any unnecessary inconvenience of carrying your luggage, going through customs, standing in airlines queue for long hours during check-in.

Simplify your vacation while connecting flights or moving abroad by choosing our service and getting your baggage reach at your desired destination safely and in time at www.dropmybag.com

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