DropMyBag, the excess luggage shipping company was started by the group of young entrepreneurs at the end of 2016. The reason why they came up with this idea was peculiar and innovative. While moving to abroad for studies or when going for trips via airlines, they experienced and saw different other people experiencing difficulties because of the maximum weight limit. The airline cargo and excess weights were charged heavily, and some over sized equipment was not allowed to be taken along with you too.
So, all this was certainly alarming, and the team came up with an idea to do business out of this problem which will be a win- win scenario for both parties, for them as well as for the customers. They could provide the clients with a cost- effective solution for shipping their bags. The best thing was their rates, which were way lesser than the airlines.
They aimed at building customers, and for this purpose, they have maintained a great customer service and the positive reviews clearly back this statement. They had an aim to provide cost effective solutions to the students who wanted to go abroad for education or other reasons. By shipping their excess baggage, the company solves the problem of students and moreover, also provides them with up to 10% discount. This is phenomenal, and the commitment and devotion of the three founders of this company have resulted in its success worldwide. All the tourists, students or corporate clients who want to take excess baggage with them to any country, they can hire the services of our company.