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Holiday Budget


It’s the season to be jolly, celebrate and can be very busy cum expensive time of the year. Obviously, you must have made a whole new group of friends at university and want to celebrate Christmas with everyone. Gifts, decorations, nights out …. it’s all part of the festive fun. However, the combination of the celebrations and student loans/part time wages can be a havoc on your bank balance. Here’s some advice on how to do Christmas on a student budget.

  • Prioritize when buying presents– Don’t be afraid to prioritize what’s important for you- So family first. Start by planning early and have a little bit of window shopping to check out deals on expensive items for your family members.
  • Set a budget- Be realistic and break down how much you want to spend on each person you have to buy for. Try cutting back on a few luxuries if you are in need of extra money. Have a good look at your bank balance to work out or plan on how much cash you have to play with.
  • Grab discounts- Use your student ID to pickup gifts on discounts with stores offering 10% or other deals. Use those unused coupons or online codes you have saved for the festive season.
  • DIY- Its great if you personally make a gift for your loved ones. Check out some ideas over internet that won’t cost a penny. Use your talent and create some innovative gifts that your loved ones can use.
  • Secret Santa- There is no age limit to do secret Santa especially if you have a large group of friends to buy for. Set a limited budget and choose small, personal items that can easily be carried through your friends who are traveling home for the holidays.
  • Don’t get stressed- Christmas is the time for friends, family, gifts and food, so don’t get stressed too much over your finances. Instead of buying little things for your friends, organize a small get together or a dinner before everyone goes away.


Hope you have a truly awesome time this Christmas and that your bank balance survives intact!

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