A customs form will have to be filled and attached to an article that is being shipped in or out of the EU (European Economic Area).
Make sure to review your destination’s custom page/information before travelling. Sometimes the destination may show a sort of customs alert.
While sending a package to any country requiring customs documents, our customer service will prompt you to compile a list of the items, also called customs invoice. Our effortless, uncomplicated system will help you to quickly complete this form online. All you do is select your luggage content and enter the quantity and approximate value.
This document seeks to calculate the worth of the articles that are travelling across custom lines. It is not intended for insurance details or purposes.
When the form is filled, two copies can be printed to be attached to your luggage (to the bar-coded label) in separate plastic wallets.
Many countries would require both a packing list and a personal belongings form. Thus, the sender can say that the luggage delivered has been with them for some time, and thus are not for sale. Usually, this will allow the luggage to pass through the county without local custom charges being added.
If we know of a personal belongings form for your destination, you can download it from our website. If the item is being sent outside of the EU and there is no relevant personal effects form available for download, the destination’s customs office must be checked to verify that one will not be required.
If your luggage contains valuable items, or articles that are for sale, or forbidden articles, it might be delayed and additional fees might be levied.
Some destinations might have a tax and duty free allowance for returning residents, travelers, or owners of unaccompanied personal luggage. However, not all countries have this allowance, such as Russia and Norway.
Most deliveries go through customs without being detained. Our service assures that your item will not be delayed to the best of our efforts. We also do our utmost to make sure your delivery gets done at the minimum price and that your item safely gets through customs.
Make sure you know your situation; what is being sent and the current customs regulation of the destination. This affects the categorization of the sent items and thus determines what taxes, surcharges, duties and/or fees might or might not have to be paid.
For instance, if you ship something to a business address in England, the English customs authority may need additional clarification on the nature of the shipment as compared to if you sent a personal case to a residential address.
When sending to a hotel, be sure to identify a personal shipment.
Note that it can take 24-72 hours for information processing when your items get to the customs clearance area. When the needed forms are filled and the fees paid, it may take the same amount of time from officially clearing the item for processing to being delivered. Because of this, especially regarding holiday baggage, it should be checked whether your items will need clearance. Also make sure that the required documents can be easily seen.
We are always here to help you. However, we cannot verify that you have complied fully with the required regulations. Hence, it is important to double-check the regulations with the concerned official travel customs office.
Our company has the best prices and the best assurance. If you comply with our advice, your luggage will almost always get through without delay or custom charges. However, it is imperative to check with the destination country before departure.
Upon reaching customs, certain countries may request that you provide information about your following solitary luggage. They might also ask for a copy of your passport or a packing list. Rarely, you may have to visit the local customs office to show your passport.
As per conditions and the type of goods you have, there may be local inspection and customs fees. Again, consult the terminus customs’ specialist for info. Customs might also x-ray or exposed your item if it is thought necessary.
If other local fees, review fees, duties increase in taxes, they must be paid directly to customs before Send My Bag™ can bring your item.
If a customs authority has removed the item from our care, this will represent delivery. You might have to recompense the consultant an additional transport fee or to gather the item.
If there are any additional charges, they must be paid directly by the sender to the concerned authorities. In some cases, our agent might be of assistance in conveying the payment before the items reach their destination.
Send My Bag™ transit times do not account for customs delays and is not responsible for late deliveries, additional delivery fees, orto collect due to customs.
Please consult the relevant destination country’s customs’ authority website to confirm that your documents and shipment are regulation-compliant.
Please view the receiving country’s customs website to know of articles which are not allowed to be sent unaccompanied using shipping companies.
Note that our service has also banned certain items from delivery. Such items have been compiled into a list which can be seen in our terms and conditions page.
Forbidden items include: liquids, pastes, gels, aerosols, toner cartridges, Illegal and Restricted Items, money, tobacco and medications.
These details are as per our experience and are not being used for insurance purposes.
Our efficient and professional customer service team is available for consultation. However, customers should take care, while sending items outside the EU, that they comply with the receiving country’s customs rules. This can be done by looking at their website beforehand, and thus making sure that there are no underlying regulations left to be fulfilled.

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