• Register and Book Online

    You can book online by simply filling our booking registration form.

  • Under Approval

    Your booking request goes under our staff’s approval.

  • Payment

    Once your shipment is approved by our staff, you have to login your account and pay booking charges online.

  • Booking Confirmation

    You will receive a booking confirmation email or call from our staff.

  • Print Label

    Once you paid for your shipment, you will get download link of shipping label. Print and Paste it on your bag.

  • Pickup Bag

    Your pickup request forwarded to our delivery agent and picked up within 24 to 48 hours from your doorstep.

  • Tracking Details

    You will get tracking details of your bag shipment.

  • Baggage Delivery

    Your bag will be delivered at your doorstep by one of our shipping partner.

If you are going to travel abroad, whether for a leisure trip or a corporate tour or just taking a break in a quiet natural landscape far away, then it is quite possible that you have to carry extra baggage with you while going to or while returning from abroad. The oversized or extra baggage is not going to be a problem at all because we will be there to offer you our services and will provide shipping for your extra luggage. We shall pick up all the luggage from your location and ship it to your destination safe and sound. Here is a step by step guide to show you how our services work.

1. Register and Book Online

If you have extra luggage with you or just some oversized equipment which the airline doesn’t allow you to carry with you, then you can simply opt to choose our services. There is a quick and easy quote tool available on our website which you can use to get a quote on the price that will be charged for the delivery of your luggage. All you need to do is select the pickup country, date to pick up the luggage and the destination country. You will get to know about the price quote in seconds which will surely be a best one. You will also get to know about the estimated delivery date.

2. Wait for the Approval of Booking

In the meantime, you will have to wait a while to get approved your booking. Our staff will review your booking and process with the necessary steps.

3. Login and Pay Booking Charges

Once you will be approved, then you can proceed to the next step by login to our website. Book your luggage shipping with our booking system. You will choose the collection day (any working day) when our team can come and pick up your stuff. It is recommended to book our service at least a day before the collection day.

4. Get a Confirmation Call/Email

You will receive a booking confirmation email or call that will also include your tracking number and the links where you can download the labels. Print them and attach to your bags as this is an essential step in using our services.

5. Print Shipment label and put it on the bag

You can view the destination page that contains all the information that you need to know about the items which can be shipped and the ones which are prohibited to be transported. Any aerosol, glass or flammable liquids are not allowed to be shipped. You should ensure that the luggage is thoroughly packed and that all the cardboards are sturdy and reinforced. Once you done with all booking process, take a printout of your shipment label and put it on your bag for reference purpose.

6. Collection Agent take Bag from your Doorstep

The collections take place between 9 am to 6 pm. All you need to do is tell us from where we need to pick up the luggage even if you have kept it with a friend or neighbor. Just keep the items at the main access point for a reception, ground floor or the porter’s office in case you are in student halls.

7. Tracking Details

You will receive the tracking information of your baggage within 24 hours from the pickup date. You can track your baggage location using the tracking info provided.

8. Shipment Delivery

Our company has always provided our customers with an almost exact delivery estimate. More than 99% of Express and more than 95% of standard deliveries have always reached on time, and this is the reason why we have always received positive reviews from our customers who seem to be really happy with our service. However, we recommend you to spare some time in case of any unexpected disruption which may not be under our control.
Now, for the collection of your bags, there is no need for signature by the recipient or sender. Anyone present at the delivery address can receive the item i.e. even the reception desk at the hotel can receive your items. It is your duty to inform anyone in advance whom you expect to collect your bags. It is recommended that you or any family friend or relative be there to collect your bag, but if it’s not possible then inform any responsible person to ensure the safety of your luggage