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How to deal with homesickness while studying abroad

Moving abroad or to a new place may bring a thrilling, energizing or a homesick experience. It’s ok to be homesick to some extent and incredibly challenging in a number of ways like coping up with new culture, new people, climate etc.

First and foremost, keep yourself busy, make some new friends, play sports or join in some club meetings rather than sitting in front of your laptop and going through your family and friend’s photos for hours.

Furnish your room with things like your family photos, a clock, a light that would make you feel comfortable like at home. Adjust your wardrobe according to the new climate or surroundings. Language barrier may be a main frustration when moving to a new country. So, communicate as much as you can by getting a head start on building your language skills.

Always have a change in you daily or a weekly routine plan, means not just doing the same thing daily. Exercise regularly, go for a book club, attend yoga classes, do some fun and interactive sessions at your university clubs.

Take a break and give some “me “time to yourself. Try to relax, just breathe deeply and stay calm. Pure alone time in a calming environment can be useful sometimes. Do something that you love or make some new hobbies.

Study abroad isn’t forever, so take advantage of each and every moment and make your new home a home!

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