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November 10, 2017
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November 10, 2017

Is holiday on a cruise in your bucket list?

Want to experience the endless view of sky and sea? Cruising could be for you.

It’s a great way to test a destination. You can spend all day laying on beach, touring an island, eat a four-star cuisine, dance with your partner. For few, travelling on cruise can bring sea sickness. Here are some of the advantages & disadvantages of cruising.


  • You get to visit several ports and need not have to make new travel arrangements for each spot.
  • You can enjoy both day and night activities for everyday at sea as all the cruise lines arranges.
  • You will have several opportunities to meet new people.
  • You can have special offers or deals on fare, hotel stay at the port city.


  • Travelling on cruise is expensive especially while off-season.
  • You might experience some sea sickness on the ship.
  • To visit places where the cruise stops, you can leave the ship early but return by dusk.
  • If you are travelling with younger children, then they might get bored the next day because of the events which allow only adults.

Finally cruising isn’t for everyone. Do some research on all the cruise packages and book in advance. Always add extras like shore excursions, kayaking to make cruising better and cheaper. Take some preventive medicines if you are concerned about the sea sicknesses. Also, Cruise lines take safety very seriously. So, put this to the back of your mind – and Happy cruising!!

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