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Overnight stay at airport? – Be prepared

Nobody enjoys or wants to sleep at airport, but sometimes a delayed flight due to weather condition or a strange departure time lead to an overnight stay. It is better to plan for a smooth, secure and a safe sleepover. But you will end up asking yourself these questions. Can I really sleep? How do I sleep comfortably? Is it secure to sleep at airport? Below are few tips that help you get started in your airport sleeping adventures.

Have a backup plan

Confirm your flight details and set an alarm in case you are planning to sleep. Also check if there is a standby flight that you might be able to board. Do your research and find out rules for spending a night, some airports accommodate to overnight guests, provide them reclining rest chairs.

Find a place to sleep

Make sure you search for a place near to the gate where your flight will leave. Look for a couch in a quiet corner, or a lounge area to sleep peacefully. If seats are not available to sleep on, consider a clean floor.

Be smart and safe

Keep your luggage close to you. Cash, jewellery, valuables should be stored in an interior pocket and large valuable to be locked inside your carry-on luggage. Look for video cameras in the spot you decide to sleep. You can also check for the luggage lockers in the airport.

Try staying awake

In case you are not comfortable sleeping and want to stay awake until your next flight, you better be ready for that too. Bring along snacks, water or some form of entertainment like a book or an ipad.

Dress in layers

Dress up in clothes that will make you comfortable in case of hot or cold climates. Bring your sleeping bag, a blanket in your carry-on along with headphones and earplugs which aren’t bad ideas either.

Sleeping in airports is not only an extreme budget travel, but can be an adventure sometimes. So, experience it and have fun!

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