Tips for Packing

As a sender, you are the only person who knows exactly what is inside your parcel. So, it is your responsibility to ensure that your item is correctly packed, does not contain any restricted or hazardous goods. Here are few of the tips you can follow:
• Use a brand new double walled and corrugated box to pack your items in.
• Use plenty of internal packaging such as bubble wrap or foam to prevent movement in box during transit while sending any heavy items.
• Use a strong tape around edges of boxes or parcels to seal them securely.
• Use plastic bags to protect goods such as art or photograph from damp.
• Use a marker pen to write the collection, delivery address and parcel reference number onto your parcel.

How to pack special items

Fragile – Breakable or fragile itemsrequire slightly different packaging.Wrap the item in one layer of paper and then in multiple layers of bubble wrap. Secure the wrapping with a piece of tape. Prep your box with a layer of packaging material on the bottom.

Bicycles – Remove the pedals, handlebars and front wheel. Pack with the remaining parts in a carton like those used by bicycle manufacturers.You can easily find these types of cartons at any bicycle shop.

Art frames – Cover the glass completely with adhesive tape that can be easily removed, so that it can prevent the art getting scratched even if the glass breaks. Wrap the frametwice in a bubble wrap or foam sheeting and an extra padding at the edges. And pack in a strong cardboard carton with sufficient inner packaging to prevent any movement.

Sharp items – Cover the edges or points of the item to prevent them causing damage to other articles inside the package. Pack in a strong carton with sufficient inner packaging to prevent movement.

Liquids – Ensure that the item is not prohibited or hazardous(refer our prohibited items guide). Wrap bottles individually surrounding them with a resilient cushioning material and place in a sealed polyethylene bag. Place absorbent materials such as newspaper r wood shavings inside the carton to soak up any possible spillage.

Electrical items – Items such as computers, toys, games, radios etc. to be packed in a strong rigid cardboard carton. Computer parts must be packed in a non -static internal packaging. All the batteries must be removed from the item before sending to prevent it from activating during delivery. Some batteries are dangerous and cannot be couriered even when removed from the item. Check our prohibited items guide.

Powders – Ensure the item is not hazardous or prohibited (refer our prohibited items guide). Enclose dry powders in an airtight plastic container or a tin and seal in a polyethylene bag. Pack in a strong cardboard carton with sufficient inner packaging.

How to pack Over-sized items

odd sized luggage
Suitcases or cartons aren’t the only things you may want to pack carefully but large sized items such as guitar, golf club, skis, kayaks, skateboards etc. also need to be taken care of seriously when packing.
• Golf equipment must be packed in a rigid or hard-shell container specially designed for shipping in a bag with an attached hood.
• Guitars should be packed in the guitar case. Loosen the stings to avoid drooping. Place the guitar in the case and observe there is space between the guitar and case. Insert crumpled newspaper under the body and the neck of the guitar. Put the case inside a sturdy box, preferablya box made for shipping guitars.
• Skis and snowboards are a real packaging challenge because of their shapes. You can use bubble wrap to mold around all the edges, including the nose and tail fully covered. Place the wrapped snowboard and ski inside a proper box and fill the remaining voids of the box with bubble wrap or air pillows.

Packaging Dont’s

1. Don’t use house hold Sellotape or rope to seal your parcel. Use a strong parcel tape.
2. Don’t attach multiple parcels together as each parcel must have their own booking.
3. Don’t choose packaging that can’t handle your load.
4. Don’t package your parcel using bags made of fabric or cloth.
5. Don’t package with used or damaged boxes.

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