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December 18, 2017
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January 5, 2018

Perfect travel friendly gifts!!!

Image credit-Michael Schwarzenberger

Many of us are getting ready to start traveling home for the holidays, and it starts how to pack all those pesky gifts! We always want to be sure we choose the best gifts possible for our loved ones, but getting them home in one tiny suitcase is another dilemma.

Here are some of the gift ideas which you can pack stow away in your luggage or bring through security in a carry-on.

  • A Journal to write down memorable moments in their life.

Image credit-Miesha Moriniere


  • An Instant camera to have fun taking pictures and also get a copy ready within a matter of few seconds.

    Image Credit- Swetlanafriesen

  • A pair of cute little socks sets for the little one playing around or a new born.

Image Credit- Stefan Schweihofer

  • Glass jewellery for the fashionista in your home.

Image credit-Idaho

  • A cookbook filled with all new tasty recipes

Image credit- RitaE

  • Stylish eyewear

Image credit-Vural Yavas

  • A small purse and scarf

Image credit-Torquay

  • Gloves for the cute sissy

Image credit- Robin Wolff

  • Coloring crayons for the little nephew

Image credit- Aline ponce

  • Perfume for the one looking for change up

Image credit- Monicore

 In case you do have a lot of an extra luggage with you, will deliver it safely by the time you reach your home.
Happy Holidays….

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