The privacy policy stated below is addressed towards the website services given by Dropmybag Luggage Delivery Services. Dropmybag is focused in guaranteeing that your personal information is safe and protected and that it affirms its commitments according to the 1998 Data Protection Act, which controls the managing of information regarding you and gives you a lot of rights regarding your personal information. When you access the Dropmybag website, then it means that you are in consent with the privacy policy from the first date of registration or login. The terms and conditions may be changed without any prior notice and wen the need arises. It is therefore advisable to regularly review the terms and conditions.

2.Registration Data
All your personal data will be gathered when you initially access Dropmybag website. If any problem arises you may report in on our helpdesk and we may ask for further information and keep a track for future record.

3.Total information
We may collect all your private information and anonymize it and then total all the information with other users to judge the working of our website and evaluate how the users are utilizing our website. we have total authority to reveal any information to favorable outside clients.

4.Information produced by user
If any user-generated data is put forward by you on our website section such as any useful comment or any question or any reply in any forum or chat forum, then your general information such as you’re your name and email details will be shown on our webpage. When you comment or post on any forum or chat, you automatically agree that Dropmybag may access, acknowledge and display your account details and the content posted by you in order to: (a) agree with any legal procedure;
(b) follow the terms and conditions;
(c) reply to claims that any posted content abuses the right of favorable outsiders;
(d) reply to queries regarding customer service;
(e) get in touch with you for further assessment;
(f) ensure the rights, personal information and property of the users, the public and Dropmybag website.

5.Communications and Announcements
If you have filled out our double opt in process, then you may receive emails regarding Dropmybag timely. Our customer service may also mail you other features which may be of interest to you. If you do not want to receive such emails you may you may click the opt out ink in the email to stop receiving similar communication in the feature or contact us at

6.Information Update
If at any point your personal information changes then you should update your recent data in the security area of the Dropmybag website.

7.IP Addresses
Your computers’ IP address, operating software and browser programs may be recorded for administration purposes and to aggregate the data for us to know about the usage of our website. this is not done to know you on a personal level but just to note the website browsing.

All your personal data is stored by Dropmybag in effect with the 1998 Data Protection Act. All the information is protected by a password and is only used by our personnel and not available for outsiders or any other users and is protected by firewall. We regularly check for any malwares violations and use systems and application to track al records. However, even after taking all measures to protect the security, Dropmybag cannot guarantee 100% protection of data.

Once you set the password then you are solely responsible for its protection. Never disclose your password or user ID to any other person. However, if in case you forget your password please email us at Email communication between Dropmybag and users will never be revealed. All emails received are protected by a firewall.

11.Use of Cookies
A cookie is an information that a website sends to your browser, which might be then saved in your computer. The use of cookies determines that which user has visited which pages or links, the most visited areas of our website and how frequent users visit our website and which pages are regularly visited. This gives us a better insight into our users’ preferences and we then use cookies to give a better environment when you next visit our website. We use cookies to know the popular areas of Dropmybag website. This assists us in making our website better and also to customize it according to the needs of our users. The data stored is used to evaluate the and then is removed from our system. On the whole, cookies are used only for the improvement of our website. We use it analyze which pages are useful for you and which are not and work towards all areas. By using it we do not have any access to your personal system or to you. However, you have the option of accepting or declining cookies. Some web programs directly accept the use of cookies but you can change the settings of your personal browser and update it according to your interests.

12.Linking to Other Sites
You will see many other websites, which might be adverts or related to the Dropmybag website, when you use our website and materials. If you click to any other external website, then you are entitled to that website’s privacy policy and rights. Dropmybag will not be responsible of your personal rights and privacy if you are connected or linked to other outside websites.

13.Your Consent
By giving your personal information and details you are automatically giving approval for use of your information as stated in our policy. For your own convenience, you should review our policy regularly, to see how we use your information and details. We thank you for reading our policy statement, for any more information email us at

14.Changes and alterations
Our Privacy Policy may be updated or altered regularly and we will update our webpage if any changes take place. However, how we utilize your personal information won’t be changed without prior notice to you.

15.Your rights to attain personal data
You hold all rights to get details about your personal information (as stated in 1998 Data Protection Act) we have of you on your own demand and a payment. If you feel that what information we have of you is wrong, then you may get in touch with us.

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