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Every year thousands of students plan to study abroad or move overseas for pursuing their dreams from around 150 to 180 countries. For students, it will be the biggest event in their life. There’s so much to plan for, especially packing their luggage which includes, books, clothes, electronic items, Ski items, bicycle etc. Students require all of their personnel belongings to be taken with them while moving. Because of the weight limit or extra charges billed by the airlines, they have to compromise leaving few of their things back at home. That’s where dropmybag reaches as a tension free experience for students. Our team will take care of your extra baggage reach at your desired place or university from any part of the world. Study abroad, vacation, backpacking. Whatever your reason is, we will take care of your extra luggage giving you a stress-free journey at an affordable rate, fantastic service and a guaranteed on-time delivery. Students can redeem their discount points by signing up at Dropmybag form and include the valid student ID.

At Dropmybag we offer:
• 10% discount on every courier of student’s baggage.
• Safe and secure delivery from our trusted carriers.
• Highest quality customer service.
• Easy tracking and timely updates via phone, email and live chat.
• Fast and reliable service.

Trust us- We specialize in shipping students personnel effect throughout the world. Send your luggage the smart way by choosing us.

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