The following terms are being defined for a better understanding:
Consignment/Package/Goods: The object or matter sent by one person to the other through the services rendered by us.
Couriers: The middle person who executes the services given by us.
Weight: Heaviness of a package calculated in kilograms or Lbs.
Volumetric Weight: It is a calculation of the package by multiplying the height, length, and width and then dividing it by 5000.
You/Consumer: An individual who places a delivery package.

2.1 Our services may contain an agent, or we could deliver the package straight to the consumer.
2.2 The consumer is allowed to send in their opinions on the services rendered to them, whether through an agent or principal. We have rights to make amendments while delivering the package.
2.3 Delivering your package through an agent, we will be signing every contract presented by you. We will be obliged to complete your orders under the terms and conditions.
2.4 We may make amendments to the services noticing the route, management, and shipment of the package.
2.5 We are to be given the amount in the form of bonus points, commissions, and wages by the customer or by the courier booking services.

3.1 The delivery time announced is not accurate. It is merely a calculation done by us. Any delays faced can be a result of various sudden reasons which are unavoidable. In this case, our customers are provided with a service of tracking their goods. You may monitor your shipment through tracking tools given by DropMyBag. Other than this, if we do not find anyone on the destination, we will give a second visit without charging you extra.
3.2 During any shipment or delivery between different regions, we may come across customs and security officials. Such duties can result in delays, but we try our very best to deliver the package in the allotted time. As you will be accepting the terms and conditions put forward, you will agree to any delays. Furthermore, the consumer will not be receiving any discount opportunities because of these lags. The customer is subjected to pay separately if they are charged by the Customs Authority (as discussed in paragraph 6.9.3).

On a safer side, the customer must measure the weight of the package by themselves to make sure their delivery is done accordingly.
4.1 Weight restrictions
Packages that are overweight may be rejected for delivery, resulting in delays. Or in other cases, the customer will be charged with additional fees.
This is why we are requesting you to weigh your package before we are collecting it.

5.1 Once you have placed your order, an order number will be provided to you, denoting that your order is ready for processing. To be clear, at this moment, the order is not accepted yet. It may be canceled due to any reason. Acceptance will be received through an email sent by us. Your order is now confirmed. In case you do not receive an email, you must log in to your account to find a tracking number. Your order will be confirmed once you have access to a tracking number.
5.2 The customer is allowed to cancel their order before it is being accepted and confirmed. You may cancel it through telephone or by email only. You will be confirmed of the cancellation of your order. Payments will be taken in 3 to 7 working days.
5.3 You are allowed to revise basic details given earlier. This can only be done before your order is being accepted and confirmed. If you mean to reduce the order, it may result in cancellation of your order (discussed in paragraph 5.2).
5.4 You may not make any amendments once your order has been accepted and confirmed. If you do so, your order will be canceled. You will have to place a new order.
5.5 If you have a cancellation cover, you can avail the opportunity to cancel your order any time before it is being received. Furthermore, you will be refunded the total cost. The refunded cost will not include the cover payment, label holder, labels or other postage payments.

6.1 You are requested to provide us with the complete address from where the parcel is going to be collected, also the address to where it must be delivered. The package must be available for collection at the given address at times between 9.00AM to 6.00PM. You will be responsible for giving the actual package to be delivered. You will have to agree to get the package checked by the driver to refrain from sending restricted items. You must provide us with an address which is easily understood by our driver. Our driver will only be driving to 25m from your given address. We hope to receive the package readily as our driver will reach your address. In case you will to hand over the item, or you are not present at the given address, the driver will leave. Also, there will be no refund granted. Instead, you could pay our driver additionally to give you a second visit. You will be obliged to compensate for not providing us with correct details and unavailability at your address. Customers, who are not residing in the United Kingdom, are requested to provide a local telephone number since collections can be done without giving you a phone call. A number with international extension is not considered as a local number.
6.2 Your package will be collected during the day, or it could also be collected after the date you have given. The delay can be caused due to unexpected events including traffic or illness.
6.3 You are requested to:
Paste the label tightly enough that it cannot be taken off easily. The labels are available from customer login. The second copy must be present inside the bag.
Clear out every other label, delivery address and tracking numbers visible on the bag. It may produce confusion for our agents.
Paste a packing list and customs which is visible to us. It should be separate from the tracking label. (This point is valid for international services)
6.4 The instructions given on the package by you must be clear to be viewed properly. The information must be correct. Any incorrect detail given may result in rejection to deliver the package.
6.5 The packaging of the goods must be done with full attention to prevent any damages. The matter inside the package should be placed properly inside a securing material. The items are to be packed with the care that they are 100 cm down the carton. This will prevent any loss. Packaging done by you should not be too heavy for the handles to hold its weight. You should be aware that the package will be going through systems like conveyer belts, so the box must be strong. Your consignment must be covered and packed properly. In easy words, you could wrap it inside a double walled cardboard box or a hard box like a suitcase. Separate items could be wrapped in bubble wrap. Plastic bags will not be helpful for packaging. Such packaging will damage your items. Items including musical instruments or sporting goods (bicycles, skis, golf clubs, etc.) should be packed in hard boxes specially made for it.
Your goods can face any damage while being transferred from one place to another, which is why we request you to cover the boxes and suitcases properly. Even hard boxes can be subjected to breakage. If you do not cover your suitcases accurately, we will not be responsible for any damage. To prevent this, you are requested to use high-quality suitcases.
We will not be held responsible for the damage done to wheels, pockets, pull handles, hooks and such items which are a part of your luggage.
We will not be accountable for any loss done to your packages. You will be responsible if your package drops items from itself due to improper wrapping.
6.6 You should secure us from and against:
6.6.1 Every kind of responsibility, damage, costs, and expenses inclusive of all taxes, duties, deposits, levies, imposts applied on the package you are getting delivered, should be compensated because we are following the instructions you have put out for us. While fulfilling your demands, such things can be a part of the process.
6.6.2 Regarding point 6.6.1, we are responsible for fulfilling the instructions you have laid for us. We will be liable for anything you ask.
6.6.3 The costs and instructions presented by anyone are referred to be as our responsibility as said in the terms and conditions, not noticing where the demands come from.
6.7 Your mode of payment must be in the form of cash on the due date. You are not allowed to deduct our payment on any claim or counterclaim.
6.8 If your package undergoes any duties or charges, you are liable to pay for it along with the payment.
6.9 International shipping and customs
6.9.1 Any bag which is sent for shipment internationally must be kept unlocked for Customs Authority to check it completely. If you still keep it locked, the Customs officials will have the right to break it, and we will not be responsible for it. Your package will undergo opening, checking and closing by the Customs officials. This act is not in our control.
6.9.2 If you are sending a package internationally, you are requested to complete the documentation required by the Customs Authority regarding the place it has to be delivered to. You will be demanded to sign it clearly. Packing list and customs forms must be kept separately from the tracking number to omit out any confusion. The information must be visible. If the information is not visible to the Customs officials, you will face delays in getting it cleared. You must agree on providing every kind of information required by the Customs Authority to clear out your package without any delays.
6.9.3 Any charges or duties implied on your package will only be payable by the customer. We are not responsible for such payments. By accepting this, we also gain the right to charge you from your debit/credit card for these Customs duties. If we fail to charge you from your card, we will inform you to pay us within seven days. If you fail to do so, charges might get doubled which will be your responsibility.
6.9.4 Services rendered by DropMyBag are basically for commercial items on which Customs Authority can hold charges against. Customer will be liable to pay for these charges (as discussed in paragraph 6.9.3).
6.9.5 In case your package is being stopped by the Customs Authority, be knowledgeable that inspecting your goods may take some time. It takes about 1 to 3 working days, but they are superior in extending these days. Analyzing the given information and informing you about the payment is also included in these days. After your package is cleared to be delivered, it may take some time to get back into the process. Another 1 or 3 days could be required to complete the process.
6.9.6 In case any item is being stopped by the Customs Authority, it will be sent back to DropMyBag Company. After this, we will not be responsible for the returned items. The customers are accountable to keep track of their items and pay for the duties charged on it. Once you have paid for the item, further delivery processes will be carried on.
6.10 Additional Items
Once you agree to the terms and conditions, you agree to let our driver check for the legitimate items to be delivered. You will also be agreeing to pay further if there are more items in the package than mentioned earlier. If you have canceled the order and still the driver has arrived, you are not supposed to hand over the package. The payment will be collected according to paragraph 4.6.

7.1 The customers are requested to provide us with complete address for the package to be delivered. The delivery address should be easily reachable. Our driver will only park 25m far from the address. There must be someone at the driver’s disposal to collect the parcel in the expected time of delivery (i.e.: 9.00AM to 6.00PM on the given delivery date). Package delivered apart from these hours can be accepted. In case the location is newly built, you will have to make sure to let our driver understand it.
7.2 Supposing that there is no one to collect the package as our drivers arrive, a second visit will be given to the delivery address. Even then, if anyone does not receive the package, our driver can hand it over to an alternative address, in the neighborhood, or at the nearest local post office. In this condition, a delivery card will be left at the given address providing you with details regarding the package. If the item is left at the local post office, the customer is obliged to collect it from there. If you want the parcel to be redelivered through the post office, you may call them and ask for it. Keep in mind that you will be charged extra for this service. The customer will be informed about the billing within 90 days of delivery, and the payment should be carried on within seven days. With the condition that nobody collected the parcel, the parcel will then be sent back to the person who delivered it. In this process, any damage or loss of items done to the parcel will not be our responsibility. Charges on this will be carried on according to the clause in 4.4.
7.3 Our drivers will not be under any duty to get the parcel be delivered to an address other than the address mentioned while booking. If the driver is ready to accept such instructions, the package will be sent to the new address. In this situation, you will be charged extra fee for the delivery (discussed in paragraph 4.4).
7.4 If you request on the parcel being delivered to a new address rather than the address mentioned while booking, you will have to agree to the condition that DropMyBag will not be responsible for such deliveries.
7.4.1 Once the receiver has received the parcel and given a signature to our agent, our company will not be held responsible for any item. Even if a person pretends to be the receiver, our agents will not be liable in any way possible since our drivers will only be working on your instructions.
7.5 International Deliveries
7.5.1 For parcels to be delivered internationally, you are requested to give us a local contact number. If the contact number or delivery address is unavailable or incorrect, we will take strict action, and you will have to contact the agent directly. If you do not do so, your package will be returned to the place it was collected from, and you will have to pay extra for it (as discussed in paragraph 4.6). You can keep a check on your package through tracking.
While you will be placing an order for international delivery, make sure that you provide a standard delivery address. If the address is commercial, be sure that they can receive such deliveries. Delivery addresses like ports will not be accepted.
7.5.2 International deliveries include only carriage charges. If the Customs Authority is charging you regarding import and export taxes, we will not be liable for it. The customers themselves must pay it. You are not obliged to give in value information if you are in the European Union, but if the items fall into the commercial category, charges may apply. The customers are going to pay for this (as discussed in paragraph 6.9.3). You must be sure that the items being sent are not prohibited in the country it has to be delivered to. If you are being asked about the details of the items present inside the package, you must give the proper description for the customs documentation to be completed in time.
7.5.3 If you are sending a “nonstandard excess baggage” package, customs present internationally can put up charges on it which will then be paid by the customers.
7.5.4 Along with our list of prohibited items, the list can include more items after viewing the delivery country’s restrictions.
7.5.5 The customer is requested to fill out any documentation form put forward on any border of the country. Customers may face delays in clearance if they fail to fill out and sign the documentation form according to the needs. In such cases, damage or loss done to your package will not be our responsibility in any way. By signing the documentation form, you will agree to the terms and conditions of the Customs internationally present. They will be allowed to open the package and check it completely.
7.5.6 You must not give in any back without a tracking label mentioning the name of DropMyBag. If you do not attach the tracking details, your package may be lost. You can have access to the labels from your account. You must get it printed. If you cannot get it printed, you must contact us to send you labels (they will have small charges).
The label is filled with the help of a driver; you are subjected to a new contract for which you will be charged additionally. If you complete an express service label, the charges will differ between economy and express. Our agents go through many customers daily, so you are requested to follow the details mentioned by DropMyBag, instead of asking them. If you are not ready with the DropMyBag labels, you must send the driver back and contact DropMyBag immediately. Further charges will be applied (as discussed in paragraph 4.4).
7.5.7 The international delivery transit time will be provided to you according to the details you have given. If you do not provide a postcode which could be read internationally, you will not be informed of the transit times. While placing your order, you are requested to fill the postcode in the box allotted for it. Additional charges will be informed (as discussed in paragraph 4.4).
7.6 Storage
In a condition where the driver is not received by the recipient internationally on the address mentioned while filling the form at the time of your order, the process of delivery will be stopped there and then and kept in storage. The customer will be completely responsible for this situation. DropMyBag will not be held liable for this. Furthermore, charges will be applied in such situations. Customers must make sure that the package should be fit for storage purposes.

8.1 We are not sure of the date and time of the delivery of items.
Mostly, the delays are caused by the customers who do not provide us with complete information and address for delivery. At times, they fail to weigh their package correctly when filling up the documentation form. If the package could not be delivered due to any reason, it will be sent back to the address from where it was collected. Cancellation charges may apply.
Nothing will be paid if the delay is due to the holiday. Every customer is required to have a travel insurance to stay away from such events.

9.1 Since our company is only a booking company, we are not held liable for any damage or loss made to the consignment. Our drivers are hired from large courier services because of which there are fewer chances of damage. Be aware that your package will be handled by human beings many times while it is on its way to the delivery address. For this, your parcel must be packed properly, 100 cm in the box, to avoid any damage.
9.2 The package will be taken care by the couriers while it is being carried away from the collection point to the delivery address.
9.3 In case you fail to track your package, you will have to give us complete details of the bag and items in it within seven days of time. If you provide us with a receipt, the recovery process will be carried on till 28 days after the delivery date.
9.4 We will not be held responsible for any damage or loss made to your items given to an unauthorized re-seller.

10.1 You must make sure you have enough insurance cover in your place. Mostly, customers do find themselves being a part of travel insurance policy. If you are sending any sporting goods, you must have specialist insurance. You should also let your insurer know about traveling or sending packages to have avail enough protection.
10.2 We are going to try our very best to handle your packages with extreme care, vigor, skill, and judgment.
10.3 We are going to be free from any responsibility for damage or loss made to your package if it is done by:
10.3.1 Strike, expulsion, stoppage or limitation on our agents. Delays made by the Customs Authority are unavoidable in any case.
10.3.2 Any reason or event which cannot be avoided in any case or the consequences faced which are unavoidable.
10.3.3 If the customers fail to follow the terms and conditions mentioned here.
10.4 We cannot be held responsible for delays while collecting or delivering your package.
10.5 Our responsibility and compensation of the packaged regarding its loss or damage is only limited to the details mentioned below in clause 10.7
10.6 Our company will not be held responsible in the case where there is a consequential loss for example loss of profit, loss of market. Furthermore, we will also not be liable for the consequences faced by delays.
10.7 DropMyBag may grant you an offer which is complimentary. The offer is of minimum 12.50 pounds per kilo to a maximum of 125.00 pounds per package. The customer may also add more to it to make it 1500 pounds after paying extra while booking. Additionally, your cover levels may differ by currency choice. Typically, your cover level is managed by the currency it was bought in. You may check it later on the website which will give you different cover levels. You are advised to check cover levels every time before you place an order.
Compensation will not be granted for the following possibilities:
• Items that are prohibited already by our Company.
• Unusual items which can be found in a suitcase while checking (Non-standard personal items).
• Items that are already advised not to send through our service since it will not be our responsibility. Before collecting your package, you will be told that these items are being sent at your risk. Such items are not limited to glass, porcelain, electrical items (for example camera, television, HIFIs, mobile phone, tablets, computer, laptop computers, printers and personal computers), expensive goods (like jewelry).
• Items which are in liquid form
• Items which are already received at the delivery address, an alternative address provided by the customers before, or a family member. Since our agents will already receive signatures regarding the shipment being completed, we will not be liable for it anymore.
• Damage was done to the packages which have not been collected.
• Damage or loss made to the consignment in a case where the customer fails to pack and wrap up the package thoroughly. The packaging has already been discussed in paragraphs earlier. You must go through them completely to avoid such damages.
Damage or loss made to the consignment due to the following circumstances will not fall under the offer of compensation:
• Any act which is not in our control except for God.
• In the case of War or Terrorism.
• Items which are not allowed to be delivered by our service.
When our Company is offering you the compensation on any item you have sent to be delivered, we have every right to offer the lowest of the original value, the replacement of the item you have sent, or at some places, the amount (in cash) of the item for it to be repaired.
The amount we will be giving you will have a maximum of 250 pounds for one item, nothing more than this will be offered to you.
If you are sending a suitcase for delivery, make sure that the items in it are wrapped up properly so that they do not get damaged while being delivered. If the suitcase gets damaged, we can only offer you a compensation of 125 pounds. Nothing more than this will be offered to the customers.
10.8 Making a claim for compensation
To complete the process of compensation, you are requested to provide us with a few details. The following details must be provided to us. In a situation where you have not packed your items properly (6.5), or you have not attached the labels properly (6.3), no compensation will be granted to you in any way.
There will be no compensation given to you if you fail to provide the DropMyBag Company full and complete details of the package and items you have sent to be delivered. If you do not provide us with the relevant information within seven days of time, you will not receive any compensation opportunity.
If you want to avail the opportunity of compensation, you must claim it. It is necessary for you to write to DropMyBag letting them know about it, within seven days of delivery time. In the case where items are lost due to any reason, you must inform the Company in writing that the item has not yet been delivered to you while the estimated date has passed by. We are going to consider your claim for compensation in 28 days of time. The following things must be included along with claiming for compensation:
• A proof of collection of the parcel. It could either be a signature or a receipt to let us know that our driver collected the parcel. If you do not have such proof, you may provide us with a signed copy of DropMyBag’s non-personal handover form. For further proof, we will be contacting you.
• You must provide us with a written letter telling us that anyone did not receive the parcel. If the parcel was to be delivered in a residential area, all residents must agree to it. If the item was to be delivered at a hotel, student hall or places of business, people who are responsible for receiving items must agree of not receiving any parcel.
• Original receipt of the item that you were sending through DropMyBag to let us know the value of the item.
• Your signature to make a claim 100% accurate.
If you are unable to provide us with receipts or any other reliable proof, but still your claim is being accepted, you will only receive a compensation of maximum 50% of your claim. This 50% of the claim will only be relying on online shop links which tell us the value of the item. In the situation where items went missing although it was successfully delivered to you, no claims will be accepted unless you provide us with original receipts of purchasing that item.
We can ask you for more information and evidence if we require. You will be obliged to provide us with the information.
If the package you received has been delivered in a damaged state, let it stay in the same condition that arrived at you so that our agents can make sure the damage was done and that there is nothing fake.
There will be no claim entertained after 28 days of the collection date. Similarly, no claim for loss will be taken care of after 28 days of the estimated delivery date.
There will be no claim where additional information has been asked for, be considered after eight weeks of the collection date. Similarly, there will be no claim of loss where additional information has been asked for, be considered after eight weeks of estimated delivery date.
10.9 If you follow any insurance policy, your claiming and compensation must be informed to the insurer so that they may deduct the amount given to you according to the policy.
10.10 No claim will be considered for compensation if an unauthorized re-seller confirmed the booking.
10.11 Claims that are valid and considered by our Company will receive the payment in a bank in the United Kingdom without any processing fee. If you want your payment to be paid in United States dollars, you may ask for it if you have a bank account in the United States. Orders that are placed in currencies other than from the United Kingdom or the United States, the payment will be sent only in the currency of the United Kingdom. If you still wish to receive payment in other currencies, deductions may be made by your bank. Also, if you require to paid in the currency of the United Kingdom while holding an account from the United States, deductions will be made.

11.1 DropMyBag can offer discount schemes from time to time to students like NUS Extra, #SMBstudents, Student Advantage and ISIC. The discounts can be availed by sole discretion and can also be withdrawn any time.
11.2 As the discounts will be offered; they will be presented in the order summary. If you do not receive any discount offer, you must stop the order and contact us immediately. Discounts are offered for orders placed online. Discounts are not applicable to telephone orders.

12.1 DropMyBag gives you an opportunity to submit your reviews after trying out our services. Your reviews are a summary of your experience with DropMyBag. Your reviews are posted exclusive of foul language used, your personal details and third-party trademarks.

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