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November 10, 2017
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Tips for keeping your cool during Christmas travel


With the busy rush around Christmas and the winter holidays kicking into high gear, you must be stressed out on how to manage your travelling plans during Christmas. Airports and flights are crowded, so you should be planned and have your ways to smoothen things along.

Here are some of the tips to avoid a sticky travel situation:

  • Research first– Always check your flight schedule whether its on time or any delay. Check online before 24hours before your flight and save yourself a lot of standing around at the airport. It’s Christmas, so take a flight scheduled for a more reasonable time. In case of a midnight flight, always be more alert, set an alarm, don’t over-sleep and reach on time at the airport.
  • Pack Light– Leave your unnecessary items at home and pack your luggage light, so that it will save you from stress of standing in airport crowds, paying any excess baggage fees. Don’t put your Christmas presents in your check-in luggage unless you have to. So, pack light and smart.
  • Luggage labelling– It may sound old school but labelling your luggage is quite a safer method rather than totally depending on the airline electronic tagging these days. It’s best to have your email or phone number on the label.
  • Charge your devices- Be prepared to expect over crowded view at the airport and it will be more surrounding the electrical outlets. So, have a power pack or a few battery chargers for your electronics .
  • Pack your snacks too- Squeeze  in a few healthy treats rather than buy an over-priced snack at airports. Check with your airlines in prior for any food or drink regulations that may prohibit you to bring food on board.
  • Be calm and enjoy the Christmas spirit- Standing in long ques for check-in, waiting for your flight for a long journey may be a stressful start, but having all planned will bring some relief to continue your journey in an awesome way. So, remember Christmas is supposed to be fun and have your spirits on!

Arrive early…. Pack smart…. Brace for crowds.

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