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November 10, 2017
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Tips &Tricks for a stress-free travel with kids

It’s summer and if you are flying with kids, you might be questioning yourself and lot of “What if” questions. What if they act up! What if they act cranky! What if they get sick on plane!

Every parent on earth knows that air travel with kids can be very stress full experience when it comes to a long journey. Here are some of the tips or strategies you can follow and adapt while travelling with kids:

  1. Early check-in– Early morning flights are usually less crowded and it’s your best chance to avoid any delays at take-off and landing. Your kids might feel tired and want to take a long nap once boarded.
  2. Pack in advance– Always plan and pack your things in advance. Toys, crayons, ipad, activity books, based on the interest of your child, will help them keep occupied during travel.
  3. Pack some spare clothes– Be ready for changing temperatures when flying. Dress your kids in comfortable layers. A changing mat, extra wipes, a blanket can be useful and you won’t be panicking.
  4. Pack plenty of snacks- Feed your child with the extra snacks you packed until the in-flight meal is served. Crackers, nuts, Cheerios are good options. Also suggest to check the rules and regulations with your airlines before packing food.
  5. Medical kit is must- Pack your kids and your medications in your back pack. Ear drops should be in your priority list while packing medicines to cope up with the altitude change. If your baby is teething be prepared with age appropriate sachets of painkiller, a sucking toy and lots of bibs.
  6. Avoid too many fluids– Make sure they go to the toilet before getting on plane. Avoid giving them too many fluids or they will up and down to the toilet all the way till destination.
  7. Be creative- You may want to catch a nap or read a book, but this is your opportunity to spend quality time with the little ones. Try making up some games, or reading books, or giving them an activity. And if they still get bored, get them count how many passengers are on the flight.
  8. Take care of yourself– If you are in a good form, you will be able to tolerate all the tantrums thrown by you kid before reaching the airport or on board. With older children, better you explain them the travel plans in advance and how to stay clam on plane.


However, travel does not have to be stressful with kids if you are not under prepared, making sure they are fed, comfortable and happily busy or asleep.

So, pack your passport and happy travel!

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