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How it Works!

  • Register and Book Online

    You can book online by simply filling our booking registration form.

  • Under Approval

    Your booking request goes under our staff’s approval.

  • Payment

    Once your shipment is approved by our staff, you have to login your account and pay booking charges online.

  • Booking Confirmation

    You will receive a booking confirmation email or call from our staff.

  • Print Label

    Once you paid for your shipment, you will get download link of shipping label. Print and Paste it on your bag.

  • Pickup Bag

    Your pickup request forwarded to our delivery agent and picked up within 24 to 48 hours from your doorstep.

  • Tracking Details

    You will get tracking details of your bag shipment.

  • Baggage Delivery

    Your bag will be delivered at your doorstep by one of our shipping partner.

Why Use a Luggage Delivery Service?

Now- a- days, excess baggage is being charged heavily on flights while the allowances of luggage on flights are continually decreasing. Thus, the airline customers are not allowed to carry too much luggage with them. This is quite annoying and irritating as most of the times you will have to leave back some of your luggage just because the weight limit is breached. It might happen that you choose an economy class on a budget airline but no luggage except handbag is allowed, and for the luggage, you have to pay a handsome amount of money. Or, you may want to go sporting, skiing on a leisure trip, but to get the out sized equipment on board, you are compelled to pay hefty extra charges.

Now, what are you going to do in such circumstances? Don’t worry because our company will be at your service. Just hire our services, and we will ship all the extra baggage to wherever you want to take it. Whatever extra baggage you might have and wherever you want it to get shipped, we will ship it and make sure it is a hassle- free process for you. There is certainly no problem at all for us, and it is free of tension process for you.
We claim to provide you with the best price possible with some exclusive discounts for students too. So, no need to face the wrath of extra airline charges when you are having the exclusive services of our company. It isn’t necessary that you hire our services only when you have extra luggage with you.

Besides, if you are fed up of standing in long queues for hours while checking your luggage on the check- in desks and want to make your travel easier and convenient, then you can simply ship your luggage via our services and have a smooth and convenient travel. This way, you will also avoid the risk of your luggage being lost. We will send your luggage to your desired destination safe and sound giving you the complete peace of mind.

Your baggage will be tracked through both the international as well as local couriers, and our company will deliver the luggage to said destination at the said delivery time. You will be given an estimated delivery date, and your luggage will arrive at the destination at that point. We will provide you with all the instructions and answer your queries throughout the shipping process.

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